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Confession of a Bromley boy during Section 28. ‘Next Lesson’ by Chris Woodley

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Our next meeting will be on Tuesday April 11th 6-7.30pm, Senate House Room 243. Playwright Chris Woodley will introduce his play, Next Lesson, which explores Section 28, the notorious legislation from the Thatcher government that banned the promotion of homosexuality in schools from 1988 until its repeal in 2003.

Confession of a Bromley boy during Section 28. Next Lesson by Chris Woodley 

Reading: Please contact us if you require the reading for the session and you are not on our mailing list.

Our Speaker: 

Originally from South London, Chris is an actor, writer and teacher. As an actor he has worked in Iceland and the UK, performing at London venues including The Criterion, The Lyric, The Yard and Greenwich Theatre. In April 2015 his first full-length play Next Lesson had a sold-out run at The Pleasance Theatre Islington. US-based theatre company Cutting Hedge Productions has recently workshopped Next Lesson in New York, with plans for an off-Broadway run at the end of 2017. Chris recently worked on his latest play Bedtime Story with Rikki Beadle-Blair and John Gordon from TEAM Angelica at the legendary Theatre Royal Stratford East. He is the Co-Founder of Don’t Fail Safe Theatre Company.

Set up in response to the closure of HMP Holloway Prison, DON’T FAIL SAFE is a collaboration between Inclusion Co-ordinator Katie Gonzalez-Bell and playwright Chris Woodley. We believe in producing thought provoking, stimulating, and absorbing theatre by collaborating with people who have personal experiences of the criminal justice system and/or mental health service users. Telling hidden stories, using true accounts. We believe in empowering people by giving ownership to those whose stories we tell. Nurturing artistry in the stakeholders of the story, by promoting dignity, decency, warm and respect.


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