Literary London Reading Group


A rumour broke through the thin smoke
Enwreathing abbey, tower, and palace,
The parks, the squares, the thoroughfares,
The million-peopled lanes and alleys,
An ever-muttering prisoned storm,
The heart of London beating warm.

– John Davidson – “London” (1895)

The Literary London Reading Group meets (just about) monthly at Senate House in London.

We explore those processes that contribute to creation and destruction of an imagined city and its fictional territories. Whether a text is situated in Pall Mall, Eel Pie Island or in an imagined dystopian future, part of the skill of writing urban experience arises from successfully ‘siting’ a narrative and capturing that elusive sense of place that grounds it in a distinctive setting.

This group is supported by the Literary London Society (who run an annual conference and online journal) and the Institute of English Studies.


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